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From bad to worse: How Arthur Laffer’s “Rich States, Poor States” rankings refute themselves

Aaron Keating | April 18, 2014

Arthur Laffer’s own data says his “Rich States, Poor States” rankings were never that good – and they’re getting worse. A coin flip is actually a bett

Black women face tremendous barriers to economic stability

Tatsuko Go Hollo | April 17, 2014

A comprehensive report by the Black Women’s Roundtable details the multitude of disparities faced by black women living, working and raising families

Time for opponents to support ACA

John Burbank | April 9, 2014

Equal Pay for Women Requires Paid Time to Care

Economic Opportunity Institute | April 8, 2014

The other NRA
Revolving door slams on minimum wage hike

Economic Opportunity Institute | April 7, 2014

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