California Family Leave and Short-Term Disability Insurance

Fact Sheet | July 1, 2006

Executive Summary

California’s short-term disability insurance program began in 1946 and covers almost all workers in the state. The disability program expanded to include family leave in July 2004.

Family Leave

• Allows workers time off to bond with a newborn or newly placed adoptive or foster child. Birth mothers can take bonding leave in addition to pregnancy-related disability leave.
• Covers workers caring for a child, spouse, domestic partner, or parent with a serioushealth condition.
• Extends up to 6 weeks, with 1-week waiting period.
• 147,000 workers took family leave in 2005 – about half the number originally projected.

Disability Leave

• Covers workers when illness or disability prevents them from working. Pregnancy and childbirth-related disability have historically accounted for about 20% of claims.
• Extends up to 52 weeks, with 1-week waiting period.
• 503,000 workers took leave for disability in 2005, out of 13 million covered workers.

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