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Welcoming a new child, fighting cancer, caring for an aging parent – a handful of times in life, we all need to take significant time off work to care for our families or ourselves. But most workers have only limited paid leave to deal with their family health needs, and many have no leave at all. Family and Medical Leave Insurance is a simple solution, providing income when it really counts – so a blessed event or health crisis doesn’t turn into a family economic crisis.

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Washington Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FaMLI) Act

Fact Sheet | January 15, 2016

Nurturing a new child, fighting cancer, caring for an aging parent – there are a handful o

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Testimony by Marilyn Watkins on King County proposed paid parental leave program

Testimony | November 17, 2015

This morning, the Transportation, Economy and Environment Committee of the Martin Luther K

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Three issues where your vote will make a big difference this fall

Marilyn Watkins | March 7, 2016

The gender wage gap has multiple causes and manifestations, and no single policy change wi

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Arrival of paid maternity leave is long overdue in Washington State

Economic Opportunity Institute | February 5, 2016

It seems someone’s walking by pushing a baby carriage pretty much every time I look out th

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