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As centers of education, research, and innovation, public colleges and universities spur economic development throughout the state. They help train and educate our ever-growing workforce, ensuring our state remains competitive in the global economy, and access to higher education is a key contributor to family economic security and upward mobility.

Research and Publications

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Game of Loans

Fact Sheet | October 8, 2014

Today, 7 in 10 students are graduating with an average $29,400 in debt, making them less l

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Pay It Forward: An update on national progress

Fact Sheet | April 3, 2014

Since December 2012, when Oregon legislators introduced the nation’s first Pay It Forward

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A path forward on full funding for Washington’s schools

John Burbank | September 28, 2015

Good public schools won’t solve all the problems we face — but public education is a cruci

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The cost of higher education in WA hasn’t increased much, but the price has gone up — here’s why

Aaron Keating | September 3, 2015

Adjusted for inflation, the total cost of higher education hasn’t changed much since the m

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