Minimum Wage

In 1998, EOI worked with allies to pass Initiative 688. The Paycheck Protection Act passed in every county in the state, making Washington the first state to index minimum wage to inflation. For many years, Washington’s minimum wage was best-in-the-nation, but it remains far from a living wage, and now several states and cities have leap-frogged Washington. With income inequality undermining our whole economy, it’s time to give our state’s lowest wage workers a raise.

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Time for a Raise

Issue Brief | October 20, 2016

Seattle’s job boom may be making headlines, but new data show the economy is growing acros

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Every Job a Path to Opportunity

Report | August 3, 2016

Washington state has gained jobs at a faster rate than most other states since the Great R

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Lawrence Mishel, president of the Economic Policy Institute Policy Center, delivered the f

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Marilyn Watkins | June 10, 2016

Over the next couple weeks, young people across the region will be graduating with new deg

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