Paid Sick Days

We all get sick. But not everyone can stay home when they are contagious. In cities and states without paid sick days standards, 2 of every 5 workers don’t earn a single day of paid sick leave, including many on the front lines of public health and food safety – in restaurants, retail stores, and even health care. EOI is working to pass minimum paid sick days standards so no one has to choose between their job and their health.

Research and Publications

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Testimony by Marilyn Watkins on HB 1356 (paid sick/safe leave), HB 1355 ($12/hr minimum wage), HB 1354 (employee anti-retaliation)

Testimony | February 19, 2015

Testimony of Marilyn Watkins before the Washington State House Commerce & Labor Commit

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Marilyn Watkins: Testimony on House Bill 1356, Paid Sick and Safe Leave

Testimony | January 28, 2015

Testimony on HB 1356, Establishing minimum standards for sick and safe leave from employme

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