Social Security

Social Security is one of the great achievements of American democracy. It represents the best of our values – honoring our parents, respecting hard work, and supporting families. EOI is working to protect, strengthen and expand Social Security benefits by 1) increasing benefits for low earners and elderly survivors, 2) recognizing modern family structures, and 3) restoring the college benefit.

Research and Publications

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Preserve, Protect, Pass On

Issue Brief | September 7, 2016

Summary Social Security is a longstanding success of our democratic system. It provides fi

Work ‘Till We Die [VIDEO]

Video | October 1, 2015

The loudest calls for cutting Social Security come from wealthy CEOs who will never have t

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The Bottom Line on Social Security’s Bottom Line

Aaron Keating | June 6, 2018

The 2018 Social Security Trustees Report is out, weighing in at a somewhat-intimidating 27

Washington Launches Marketplace to Help More Retire Securely

John Burbank | March 20, 2018

Yesterday the Washington State Department of Commerce launched the new Retirement Marketpl

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Just Scrap the Cap

The simple Social Security fix