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Despite strong growth in overall economic productivity over the past decade, the majority of Washington’s working families have not shared in the economic wealth they have helped create. EOI is working to ensure economic growth is founded on broad-based prosperity, so economic security and opportunity are available to all. New public policies are needed to match the changes on our economy, including access to health care, paid family leave and paid sick days, retirement security, and a social safety net.

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Equal Pay Opportunity Act

Fact Sheet | November 7, 2014

Unequal pay creates economy-busting jobs Women make up half of the workforce and earn more

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Washington State Work & Family Agenda

Fact Sheet | November 7, 2014

Equal Pay Opportunity Act  Women hold nearly half of all jobs and earn the majority of col

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Equal pay legislative update: February 25, 2015

Marilyn Watkins | February 25, 2015

Job and pay discrimination are already illegal, but women still do not get equal pay, even

“Unequal pay isn’t rare – it’s common and prevalent in all job sectors” [VIDEO]

Economic Opportunity Institute | February 10, 2015

Sandy Restrepo, a local attorney, testifies to the Washington State House Labor Committee 

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