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Despite strong growth in overall economic productivity over the past decade, the majority of Washington’s working families have not shared in the economic wealth they have helped create. EOI is working to ensure economic growth is founded on broad-based prosperity, so economic security and opportunity are available to all. New public policies are needed to match the changes on our economy, including access to health care, paid family leave and paid sick days, retirement security, and a social safety net.

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Equal Pay and Opportunity

Issue Brief | April 12, 2016

From high-profile CEOs and movie stars to healthcare and retail workers, men consistently

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Senate’s proposed Equal Pay legislation is a step backward for women, families, communities

Testimony | February 27, 2016

Testimony by Marilyn Watkins on ESHB 1646, Equal Pay and Opportunities Act, Senate Commerc

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Onlookers share their eclipse experience in the lobby of the Charlotte airport lobby during the 2017 eclipse
Labor Day is a time for coming together

Marilyn Watkins | September 4, 2017

For those of us lucky enough to get weekends off, it’s tempting to use Labor Day as a time

Boeing jobs are on the wing from Washington - despite huge tax breaks
What are we getting out of Boeing’s tax breaks?

John Burbank | April 6, 2017

As a young girl, my daughter had a fear of flying. She overcame this through a thorough st

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