Great Happiness Awaits Those Who Fully Fund Family Leave Insurance

Good fortune will smile on state legislators who support legislation to fully fund Washington State’s Family Leave Insurance law, according to online grassroots activist organization, Several members will be at the state capitol in Olympia to deliver fortune cookies regarding continued support of fully funding Family Leave Insurance at:

9:15 AM, January 18
Majority Leader’s Office
Washington State Legislative Building, Room 307

Majority Leader Senator Lisa Brown will be in her office to accept the fortune cookies. MomsRising members will then travel to other legislators’ offices to deliver fortune cookies to them. The messages inside the cookies include:

  • Great happiness awaits those who fully fund Family Leave Insurance.
  • Success in future endeavors awaits those who fully fund Family Leave Insurance.
  • You will be a part of the solution by fully funding Family Leave Insurance.
  • Voting for fully funded Family Leave Insurance makes your constituents very happy!

Governor Christine Gregoire signed the Family Leave Insurance bill into law last May. The new law establishes five weeks of paid leave of up to $250 per week for qualifying workers who need to care for new children, beginning on October 1, 2009. Paid leave must be taken concurrently with the unpaid leave the federal Family & Medical Leave Act provides. was a part of the Washington Family Leave Coalition, a coalition of more than 50 organizations and businesses, which strongly advocated for this policy. The Coalition also includes the Economic Opportunity Institute and the Washington State Labor Council. also reached out to small business owners in the state, and helped generate a letter supporting the law signed by 36 small business owners.

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