WorkFirst’s “Community Jobs” Program Turns Welfare Grants Into Paychecks in Spokane

Seattle, WA – Community Jobs is a public-private partnership serving “hard-to-employ” individuals on TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families).

The Community Jobs program promotes work in the community, skill building and livable wage employment. The program is the only one of its kind in the nation providing welfare recipients with paychecks for their work in the public and nonprofit sectors, skill building in their areas of interest, training, intensive case management, and work towards permanent economic self-sufficiency.

The Economic Opportunity Institute (EOI) has worked over the past year in concert with the WA State Community, Trade and Economic Development (CTED) agency to design and implement the Community Jobs Program. EOI has both collaborated with and, when necessary, challenged CTED and the Department of Social and Health Services in the implementation process. The EOI is a statewide, “activist” nonprofit focused on building the middle class by developing pragmatic public policy that speaks to peoples’ every day economic security needs.

In recognition that public attention to welfare reform is important for the overall success of moving people off welfare and into fulltime employment.

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