Other Giving Opportunities

Donate to EOI’s Endowment

The Economic Opportunity Institute started the Aubrey Davis Endowment Fund in honor of EOI’s founding leader, Aubrey Davis, who wanted to see EOI’s mission for economic justice come to life. Endowments exist in perpetuity and allow you to have a significant impact on future progressive policy and advocacy work.

Interest from EOI’s Endowment Fund is used to further our mission of restoring the promise of the middle class by advancing public policies that promote educational opportunity, good jobs, healthy families and workplaces, and a dignified retirement for all.

Consider a Gift of Stock

A gift of stock will also help EOI restore the economic promise of the middle class. Gifts of stock will be recorded on the day the stock is received in our brokerage account, at the median market value on that day. You will receive a written acknowledgement to confirm receipt of your gift.

Make a Gift for the Future

If you’d like to help build the long-term financial strength of EOI, but can’t make a significant gift today, you could consider a charitable bequest. A bequest under your will or revocable trust can complement your lifestyle and commitments today while supporting EOI tomorrow.

Reasons why you may choose a bequest:

  • It does not affect your assets or cash flow during your lifetime;
  • It is revocable – you can change the provisions in your will or trust at any time;
  • It is private – your will is not filed or made public until your death; and
  • It is fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes (and usually exempt from state inheritance taxes).

A bequest is one of the simplest ways to support EOI. These thoughtful gifts ensure that the EOI can continue our critical work for future generations in our state.

If you are interested in donating in one of these ways, please contact EOI Development Director, Sam Hatzenbeler.

Thank you for supporting EOI!  Together, we can build an economy that works – for everyone.

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