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    New Rights for Workers in Washington Printable Materials

    Fact Sheet | June 10, 2018

    These are flyers explaining new rights for workers in Washington that recently came into effect or will come into effect soon. Overview of New Rights Paid Family and Medical Leave

    Every Job a Path to Opportunity

    Report | August 3, 2016 | By Marilyn Watkins

    Washington state has gained jobs at a faster rate than most other states since the Great Recession, but the majority of working families are not benefitting from the economic boom. While high tech companies are attracting thousands of newcomers with promises of high compensation, pay for the typical worker is

    Testimony by Marilyn Watkins opposing SB 6578 and SSB 6087, limiting paid sick days and minimum wage ordinances

    Testimony | February 1, 2016 | By Marilyn Watkins

    Testimony of Marilyn Watkins, Economic Opportunity Institute, in opposition to SB 6578 and SSB 6087, before the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee, February 1, 2016. Good afternoon. I’m Marilyn Watkins of the Economic Opportunity Institute, speaking in opposition to SB 6578 and SSB 6087. Washington needs to

    Why Washington Needs Paid Sick Leave

    Fact Sheet | January 13, 2016 | By Marilyn Watkins

    1. Everyone gets sick – but 1 million Washington workers don’t get a single day of paid sick leave. Paid sick leave allows ill workers to stay home – away from coworkers and customers – without losing pay. But the people who can least afford time off without pay most likely have no sick leave. Many workers wh

    Local Results of Paid Sick Days Laws

    Fact Sheet | January 13, 2016 | By Marilyn Watkins

    Research Overview Since San Francisco became the first U.S. jurisdiction to pass paid sick leave in 2006, over 20 additional cities and 4 states have adopted sick leave laws.[i] At least two localities, Washington, DC and New York City, have expanded their initial laws. Protecting public health, assuring that

    Testimony of Kira Lewis on proposed Spokane Paid Sick and Safe Leave ordinance

    Testimony | January 12, 2016

    Hi I am Kira Lewis, an RN working as an elementary school nurse. I am here to advocate in support for at least 5 days of earned sick and safe leave for workers in Spokane. In my work, I see children at school who need to go home because they are sick, but who surprisingly tell me they want to stay at school.

    Testimony by Marilyn Watkins on proposed Spokane Paid Sick and Safe Leave ordinance

    Testimony | January 12, 2016 | By Marilyn Watkins

    Testimony of Marilyn Watkins, PhD, Economic Opportunity Institute, before the Spokane City Council, January 11, 2016, Paid Sick and Safe Leave Good evening. I am Marilyn Watkins with the Economic Opportunity Institute and the WA Work and Family Coalition. I am also part of Family Values at Work, a network of

    Paid Sick Days and Economic Prosperity

    Fact Sheet | January 8, 2016 | By Marilyn Watkins

    Paid sick days help make all jobs economy-building jobs No one should be forced to work sick or when they have a sick child – and most families can’t afford to lose several days’ pay when a nasty virus strikes. Working families spend more at local businesses when they have stable income to cover the basics of

    Employee Experience with Seattle Paid Sick and Safe Leave

    Issue Brief | September 2, 2015 | By Marilyn Watkins

    In September 2012, Seattle became the third U.S. city to implement a paid sick leave ordinance. By early 2015, more than 20 cities and four states had paid sick leave laws on the books. Seattle’s law requires employers with more than four employees (full-time equivalents) to provide paid sick and safe leave f

    “Proven standards…to protect public health, family economic security, and business prosperity”

    Testimony | February 19, 2015

    Marilyn Watkins, EOI’s Policy Director, testifies before the Washington State House Commerce & Labor Committee on HB 1356 (paid sick and safe leave), HB 1355 ($12/hour minimum wage), and HB 1354 (employee anti-retaliation), February 17, 2015: I’m Marilyn Watkins of EOI. Together these 3 bills strengthen o

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