Success in New Jersey! Paid Family Leave: Six Years Later

What happens to businesses after a state implements paid family leave? Do small businesses suffer? Are jobs harmed? Six years after New Jersey became the second state in the United States to approve paid family leave, Dr. Eileen Appelbaum, a

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Extend California’s paid family leave to the nation

By House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi By helping 1.6 million Californians balance family and work, our state has demonstrated the success of paid family leave – and now it is time for the rest of America to join us. Paid leave

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California college graduates and students to benefit from minimum wage increase

Miguel Cortez, a teacher’s assistant in Northridge, California, is looking forward to July 1st, 2014. Not because of school being out, but because California’s minimum wage will increase from $8 an hour to $9. A recent grad of California State

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California puts the modern family in paid family leave law

Before October 1st California employees could only take paid family leave for a seriously ill spouse, domestic partner, child or parent. Of course, the reality is that a modern family’ often includes extended family members. Now, California can celebrate being

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Oregon legislature considering EOI’s “Pay It Forward Debt-Free Degree Plan” – California, Vermont and New York also interested

The Economic Opportunity Institute’s innovative proposal to re-imagine college tuition financing is getting some serious attention in the state of Oregon. The proposal, dubbed Pay It Forward: The Debt-Free Degree Plan, would allow students to attend any public college or

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Californians one step closer to universal workplace retirement security

Private sector workers in California without a workplace retirement plan are one step closer to being able to save through their employer. As you may remember from a post last month, the California legislature was considering legislation that would provide

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California Assembly considering state retirement plan for private sector workers

After passing the California State Senate in late May, private sector employees in the Golden State are one step closer to a low-cost, low-risk, and completely portable retirement savings option provided by the state. Senate Bill 1234 would provide a

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Paid sick days: Healthy, responsible prevention for Washington

Paid time off from work to recover from illness, care for a sick child, or see a doctor is a prerequisite for healthy workers and businesses, public health, family economic security, and even children’s success in school. Yet four in

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A prescription for family security and economic prosperity: Family/Medical Leave Insurance

[By Ann O’Leary – cross-posted from Huffington Post] Ever wonder what happens to a worker who becomes disabled for weeks from injuries in a car accident? Or the worker who has a baby but no maternity leave? Or the worker

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New evidence shows CA paid family leave is good for workers and employers alike

New research shows workers and families are benefiting from California’s paid family leave law – and most employers say it’s had either positive effects or no impact on their business. Under California’s first-in-the-nation paid family leave (PFL) program, enacted in 2004, workers

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