Legislators propose significant boost for WA preschool, child care programs

A quick update on an exciting legislative effort — underway now — to significantly boost Washington’s early learning system. A bill introduced by Senator Steve Litzow and Representative Ruth Kagi (the Early Start Act – House/Senate) would improve access to quality pre-school and child care

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New research highlights the value of unions to child care providers

As the issue of child care provider unionization is considered in multiple states, a better understanding is needed regarding the effects of unionization on improvements in training, access to information, and  quality of care to children and communities. Two recent

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The motherhood penalty: Balancing work and family obligations

As women’s participation in the workforce has increased, families have become more dependent on women’s earnings – particularly since the Great Recession left significantly more men without jobs. Yet, women continue to take home less than their male counterparts across

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NPR: Working Moms’ Challenges: Paid Leave, Child Care

From NPR: The past week’s political firestorm in the presidential race focused on stay-at-home moms, but two-thirds of women with young children now work. Nearly half are their family’s primary breadwinner. What some feel is being lost in the political

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Beyond the Weekend: New data reveals how unions benefit communities, consumers, employers, and employees

You’ve probably seen that bumper sticker that says, “The Labor Movement: The Folks Who Brought You the Weekend.” While the sentiment rings true – and not just about the weekend, let’s be clear –  it also evokes a kind of

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Childcare subsidy cuts hurt working women and families

Economic trends show Washington women and families are falling behind in the economy, and repeated cuts to state childcare assistance is compounding the pain – especially for single mothers. Washington has a high percentage of parents in the workforce –

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Preserving Working Connections Child Care protects our families and our economy

Yesterday, my colleague Alex wrote about how the state’s Working Connections program helps working parents by making child care affordable. He’s right – but that’s only part of the story. High-quality child care is also crucial to getting children ready

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$14 million for face lifts and nose jobs — or child care for 39,000 working families?

Until a few days ago, Working Connections Child Care – one of the state’s most efficient welfare-to-work programs, according some – was slated to fall under the budget axe. Now lawmakers are now looking for $12 million in savings to

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State budget “savings” from child care cuts will increase costs for everyone

Child care subsidies for low income working parents make it possible for children to receive quality child care in licensed facilities while their parents are at work. Without these subsidies, most low-income working parents would not be able to afford

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What Washington’s working moms really need for Mother’s Day: Wage equality and family friendly benefits

More Washington women are primary breadwinners, but their economic progress has stalled out This Sunday, thousands of moms will be recognized and appreciated for all they do. But when they go back to work on Monday, neither their wages nor

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