The 4 (or 5) Worst Market Failures in Human History

I’m a capitalist for one reason: to raise living standards in my community. A familiar mantra of capitalism guides me: Markets are powerful and efficient. I’m also a realist, so I temper that mantra: Markets are powerful and efficient. And markets

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We All Do Better When We All Do Better

A few days ago, economist Joseph Stiglitz said something quite provocative: “We’ve been shaping our society to create people who are more selfish.” The eye is drawn to the last part, “… create people who are more selfish.” My takeaway

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What Women Want: A Community Forum

Please join EOI, the Washington State Budget & Policy Center, and other community partners for a forum titled What Women Want: Jobs, Education, & Healthcare. This free community forum on Tuesday May 8th from 6 to 8pm, will highlight the impacts of

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Tax cuts for growth? Don’t make me Laffer out loud

Arthur Laffer is the go-to guy for conservative fiscal types who think tax cuts for millionaires are just the recipe for economic growth. Problem is, Laffer’s numbers don’t hold up under scrutiny. Laffer contends that the nine states without personal

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Washington’s economy: Back in the frying pan for 2012

It has been four years since the Great Recession began taking its toll on Washington’s economy. Today, it’s difficult to be even cautiously optimistic about news of recent growth. Revised employment numbers show nearly 2% growth for Washington’s industries in

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Public sector cuts are holding back economic recovery in Washington

The latest economic forecast for Washington state, issued by Washington’s soon-to-be-former Chief Economist Arun Raha, shows we may be beginning to dig out from the recession – but public sector cuts are holding back the recovery: The bright spots: The

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Here’s how government helps with job creation

From the Everett Herald: The accepted wisdom is that the wealthy, banks and the biggest corporations are job creators. But in fact, too many are job-taker-away-ers. They suck money, our money, out of the economy and hoard it or spend

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The push for paid sick days gains steam across U.S.

Efforts to ensure paid sick leave as a basic workplace right have been gaining steam across the country (did you hear the Seattle City Council passed a paid sick days ordinance?), and a flood of recent reports have highlighted the

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How raising revenue for public services could create 17,000 jobs

State and local government budget cuts and layoffs, combined with the sharp falloff of federal investment, are slowing down the tenuous beginnings of economic recovery and threatening to derail it altogether. Since 2009, Washington policymakers have slashed billions of dollars

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