Lopsided: A History of Income Inequality in Washington State

Thanks to an extended period of lopsided income growth, the share of all income held by the top 1% in Washington state has approached or surpassed historical highs.

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Today’s low wage workers: Far more education far less pay

The minimum wage is 23 percent less than its peak inflation-adjusted value in 1968. This is despite  productivity (how much output can be produced in an average hour of work in the economy) more than doubling in that time period.

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Chart of the Week: 401(k)s Fueling Economic Inequality

After the Boeing machinists’ historic and close vote recently, the debate around retirement security continues. With the approval of their next contract to build the 777x here in Washington state, backed-in Boeing machinists voted to eliminate their pensions by 2016

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On the ground: What life is like at minimum wage in Washington

Despite sound economic research showing that good base wages have positive effects on businesses, workers and the economy, attacks on Washington’s minimum wage surface year after year – 2012 was no exception. On January 31, the House Labor and Workforce

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Helping our low-income workers keep up

From the Everett Herald: By Christine L. Owens and Marilyn Watkins In 1998, an overwhelming two-thirds of Washington voters supported a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage and adjust it upward each year to keep pace with the rising

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