Wages too low, options too few: Washington’s child care crisis impacts children, parents, providers

For Laura Chandler, seeing parents struggle with the rising costs of child care and dwindling availability is almost a daily occurrence. Chandler has worked as an early learning curriculum coordinator at Small Faces in Seattle for almost three decades: “I’m proud

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Raise the minimum wage now – with a smart, fair, incremental and regional approach

[via Huffington Post] At Dr. Bronner’s, the company I run with my family, we believe that we can only prosper in the long run if we contribute to the prosperity of society as a whole. It’s why we strive to

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Lopsided: A History of Income Inequality in Washington State

Thanks to an extended period of lopsided income growth, the share of all income held by the top 1% in Washington state has approached or surpassed historical highs.

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What recession? Washington’s Top 1% saw 13.1% income growth from 2009-2011

When we talk about “getting us out of the recession”, who are we really talking about? A recent report by the Economic Policy Institute reveals that the top 1% has captured the lion’s share of economic growth since 1979, even

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Today’s low wage workers: Far more education far less pay

The minimum wage is 23 percent less than its peak inflation-adjusted value in 1968. This is despite  productivity (how much output can be produced in an average hour of work in the economy) more than doubling in that time period.

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Chart of the Week: 401(k)s Fueling Economic Inequality

After the Boeing machinists’ historic and close vote recently, the debate around retirement security continues. With the approval of their next contract to build the 777x here in Washington state, backed-in Boeing machinists voted to eliminate their pensions by 2016

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10 States to Increase Minimum Wage on New Year’s Day

Raises will benefit nearly 1 million workers, boost consumer spending and accelerate the economic recovery The minimum wage will increase in ten states on January 1st, modestly boosting the incomes of nearly one million low-paid workers in Arizona, Colorado, Florida,

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Four reasons to care about Social Security, from one young person to another

On the list of things that cross the minds of most young people, Social Security usually ranks near the bottom – somewhere below flossing your teeth but above Justin Bieber’s latest single. It’s understandable. Social Security is usually viewed as

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Bowles-Simpson deficit plan worse for future Social Security recipients than no action by Congress

The beauty of Social Security is its simplicity. Social Security is a self-financing system that workers and employers pay into, and upon retirement (or in the case of disability or death), workers and their families receive benefits commensurate with average wages.

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On the ground: What life is like at minimum wage in Washington

Despite sound economic research showing that good base wages have positive effects on businesses, workers and the economy, attacks on Washington’s minimum wage surface year after year – 2012 was no exception. On January 31, the House Labor and Workforce

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