Jobs Bonds: A recipe for Washington’s economic recovery

Passing the Jobs Bonds package should be a top priority for Washington’s Legislature during the special session. Rebuilding school facilities, retrofitting for energy efficiency, improving water quality, and cleaning up the environment will immediately create badly needed jobs across the

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Washington’s economy: Back in the frying pan for 2012

It has been four years since the Great Recession began taking its toll on Washington’s economy. Today, it’s difficult to be even cautiously optimistic about news of recent growth. Revised employment numbers show nearly 2% growth for Washington’s industries in

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The closer you get, the smaller it looks: Washington’s budget is shrinking

02/14/12 4:08 p.m. Updated to clarify the distinction between the state “general fund” and “operating budget”. Yesterday’s post illustrated how to get comparable state budget numbers by accounting for inflation and population growth. Today I’ll look at three other ways

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Today: John Burbank on KUOW’s The Conversation

Tune in to KUOW’s The Conversation with Ross Reynolds today at noon (or a little after) to hear John Burbank, EOI’s Executive Director, talk about how government spending and stimulus has helped to create and sustain tens of thousands of

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Cameron Peters charts the path into – and out of – Washington state’s budget morass

When you’re lost, it’s best to figure out where you are before trying to get to where you want to go. So if you’re finding it difficult to get a clear handle on what’s going on with the state budget,

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