#RaiseTheWage? Facts about women and the minimum wage [Video]

When it comes to the minimum wage, far too many working women in this country deserve a raise. Women account for less than half of the U.S. working population, yet nearly 6 in 10 workers earning the minimum wage are

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Wal-Mart’s low prices come at a high cost to local workers, business

Despite vocal opposition from local unions and community groups, a new Wal-Mart shopping center opened in Bellevue’s Kelsey Square this June, reigniting debate over the big box retailer’s presence and pushing residents to reconsider the question: who wins and who

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Helping our low-income workers keep up

From the Everett Herald: By Christine L. Owens and Marilyn Watkins In 1998, an overwhelming two-thirds of Washington voters supported a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage and adjust it upward each year to keep pace with the rising

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Washington’s best-in-the-nation minimum wage protects paychecks, boosts economy

On January 1st, Washington’s minimum wage will increase by 37 cents to $9.04 per hour, in line with a voter-approved law that provides for raising the minimum wage as the cost-of-living goes up. That bump – making Washington’s the best

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Washington and Seattle taking steps to combat wage theft

What would you do if your employer didn’t pay you for your time on the job? Or failed to compensate you for overtime? Or paid you less than the minimum wage? These types of wage violations actually aren’t that uncommon.

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