Exactly who are the real moochers among us?

So Mitt Romney thinks that 47 percent of us are moochers. Let’s keep in mind that Mr. Romney is only referring to the federal income tax. He disregards what comes out of each and every one of our paychecks for

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Four freeloader fabrications poisoning our perceptions of public policy

In the “makers vs. takers” debate, the line between truth and opinion is just a dot to some. That might win a debate, but it’s not a good way to run a democracy. So here’s a handy summary of what’s

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Bloomberg News joins the (big) crowd supporting a better minimum wage

The editors at Bloomberg News apparently aren’t buying theĀ pro forma argumentĀ from corporate-backed front groups and diehard ideologues that the minimum wage is bad for our economy. Instead, when the editors at Bloomberg News planted their stake in the minimum wage

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Players and refs say minimum wage is a winner – but a few rich owners want a replay

By many accounts, the 2012 Super Bowl was a close game – but there’s still another big (political) football kicking around: the minimum wage. The players workers actually on the field job say it’s a clear winner – and so

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Washington state voters were ahead of the curve on minimum wage – why can’t these legislators catch up?

When Washington voters overwhelmingly passed an initiative to index the state’s minimum wage to inflation back in 1998, naysayers made “doom and gloom” predictions that turned out to be more Chicken Little than anything else. Nine other states (AZ, CO,

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