Four years after the recession: The ups and downs of Washington’s economy

Washington began shedding jobs in the fall of 2008 as the Great Recession started taking its toll on the state. That was more than four years ago, and many workers and families are still experiencing the effects of the recession.

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Public sector austerity holding back economic recovery

The last three years have been the worst in history for public sector job losses thanks to state and local government austerity, which has helped to hold back economic recovery. A recent analysis from the Economic Policy Institute found public

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Guess which gender is bearing the brunt of Washington state’s budget cuts?

The Great Recession and ensuing state budget cuts have severely impacted women’s employment, economic security, health, and safety, according to a recent brief from the Washington Budget and Policy Center. A few of the highlights lowlights: Of the $10 billion in

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Benefits of collective bargaining extend beyond bargainers to entire communities

According to a recent report from Policy Matters Ohio, while compensation and job security often grab all the attention, public sector unions also negotiate for provisions that directly benefit the communities they serve. For example: Firefighters and police agreements outline

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Washington’s economy: Back in the frying pan for 2012

It has been four years since the Great Recession began taking its toll on Washington’s economy. Today, it’s difficult to be even cautiously optimistic about news of recent growth. Revised employment numbers show nearly 2% growth for Washington’s industries in

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Public sector cuts are holding back economic recovery in Washington

The latest economic forecast for Washington state, issued by Washington’s soon-to-be-former Chief Economist Arun Raha, shows we may be beginning to dig out from the recession – but public sector cuts are holding back the recovery: The bright spots: The

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How raising revenue for public services could create 17,000 jobs

State and local government budget cuts and layoffs, combined with the sharp falloff of federal investment, are slowing down the tenuous beginnings of economic recovery and threatening to derail it altogether. Since 2009, Washington policymakers have slashed billions of dollars

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While public pension critics undermine the middle class, Wall Street walks away with millions

John Burbank | The Everett Herald: Which group of people do you think has your interests closer to heart: a Wall Street banker, an oil company CEO and a software executive, or the teacher’s aide in your kid’s classroom, the

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