How do you calculate a living wage?

Looking for some clarity in the debate on what makes a living wage? Last month, Erica Barnett over at Publicola decided to round up the varying reports on living wage calculations. A couple of left-leaning economic policy experts took issue

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WA Supreme Court brings majority rule back to legislature

In a 6-3 decision this morning, the Washington State Supreme Court struck down the rule requiring a supermajority (two-thirds) vote of the legislature to pass taxes or close tax loopholes. The court found the measure, long backed by initiative promoter

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Seattle paid sick days campaign featured in Publicola – they need your comments pronto!

Via the Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce: Publicola has a great story on the campaign to ensure all workers in Seattle have paid sick days – but they’re already seeing comments from a few people who think responsible, healthy

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$46 million in public utility tax breaks for corporate transportation – or food assistance for our neighbors?

Pop quiz! To save $46 million, state legislators should: a) end the State Food Assistance Program; or b) take a convoluted corporate tax break off the books – one their own tax review committee recommends ending? As reported by Publicola’s

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$98 million to subsidize cosmetic surgery and non-organic fertilizers – or keep Medicaid intact for 45,000 people?

While Washington legislators debate whether to cut $98 million from state Medicaid services, the equivalent amount in tax breaks for cosmetic surgery and non-organic fertilizers are still on the books. As documented by Publicola’s Bryce McKay, a cut that size

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