To meet the education funding challenge, Washington needs a progressive income tax

The Washington State Supreme Court found  the State in “ongoing violation of its constitutional obligation to amply provide for public education.”  On August 13, 2015, the Court imposed a $100,000-a-day fine on the state until a satisfactory plan to meet

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Property taxes enhance private value

I start fretting in August about paying the second half of my property taxes in October. I worry that I will forget to pay (as I have done), and get penalized (as I have been). So I decided to pay

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Why millionaires don’t seem to care much about their taxes

They may be millionaires, but they’re just like you and me. Millionaires don’t seem to move around much, even if their taxes go up. When a pair of researchers examined “outmigration” rates in California before and after an income tax

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Exactly who are the real moochers among us?

So Mitt Romney thinks that 47 percent of us are moochers. Let’s keep in mind that Mr. Romney is only referring to the federal income tax. He disregards what comes out of each and every one of our paychecks for

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Thank taxes as we bike, hike, have fun

Looking at the weather map, how can you not be grateful we live in the Northwest? The rest of the country is sweltering and steaming in heat and humidity with no end in sight — meanwhile, we keep the comforter

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Corporations need to be better citizens

If you lived in a run-down house and all of a sudden your family got a lot of money, what would you do? Most people would think about fixing up the rickety front steps, replacing the leaky shower, and painting

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Friday (Not) Funny: “Small business” lobby group ignores small biz POV on taxes

The National Federation of Independent Businesses calls itself the “voice of small business” as it argues against closing corporate tax loopholes and against higher taxes for millionaires. That’s odd, because 75% of small business owners say it harms their business

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Washington’s Equity Gap: Lower tax rates for higher incomes

Excerpted from Washington State Budget 101: Most states have an income tax that makes their tax system more equitable across all incomes and better ensures public revenues keep up with population and economic growth. That means other states have been

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“We have a 1063 in progress. The governor’s hands are tied.”

via Slog: On, here’s a trailer for a bona fide Washington State thriller (made by Sandy Cioffi and three graduates from the now-maybe-defunct, maybe-coming-back-in-some-form Seattle Central Community College film program—a possible deal may be in the works to restore

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Bass ackwards: How America’s tax code hurts the middle class and coddles millionaires

By David Cay Johnston, excerpted from Reuters: Everyone seems to know that about half of Americans paid no income taxes in 2009 and that the top 1 percent paid about 37 percent of the income taxes. But how many people

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