Don’t punish people for getting sick!

Via MomsRising: We’re moms and dads.  We know firsthand how fast the flu travels through our workplaces, schools, and child care centers. We’ve been up at 3 am half-focused on caring for a sick child and half-focused on the related “what

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What Washington families could afford without the wage gap

In Washington, a typical woman working full time is paid $37,932 per year, while a similar man is paid $51,272 per year. That’s a gap of $13,340. If full-time working women in Washington were paid the same as their male

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Restaurant Employment Strong When Employers Make the Shift to Paid Sick Days

In February 2007, San Francisco implemented the nation’s first paid sick days law, allowing all workers within the city to earn a minimum amount of paid sick leave. Restaurants are among the employers least likely to provide sick leave benefits,

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Workplace flexibility: President Obama and the First Lady put families first

The Forum on Workplace Flexibility, held by President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, highlighted the importance of workplace practices that allow working people to meet the demands of their jobs — without sacrificing their family responsibilities. “Flexible policies actually

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Megan’s story: Paid sick days and public health

From the Coalition for Healthy Tacoma Megan, a server at a Tacoma restaurant, called in sick with the flu one evening in 2007. Her supervisor told her the restaurant was busy that night, and she needed to come in anyway.

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Health-care bill makes huge strides that matter

From the Everett Herald: Akbar and Teresa, a husband and wife team, run the coffee shop across the street. They make good coffee and sandwiches for the workday crowd. We go there a lot, so we have gotten to know

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Are Washington and Oregon taxpayers subsidizing low wages for large employers?

When a confidential report for Washington legislators put Wal-Mart atop the list of employers whose workers receive food stamps and/or state-subsidized medical coverage, company spokesperson Amy Hill said the report might not be accurate, because it used data from 2004.

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Paid sick days can help heal our families — and our economy

There are millions of working moms like Eva. Unable to find a job and kicked off welfare, she sells her food stamps to buy basic necessities. She is inches from losing her meager living in the middle of the worst

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News and Views: State budget and revenue, economic benefits to higher ed, and lower-income unemployment

Washington state’s budget deficit swells more, but revenue picture improves | Washington’s budget deficit grew to about $2.8 billion, but early signs of an economic recovery are making the state’s financial future a bit brighter. The new deficit figure stems

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Recipe for Disaster, or: How Your Kid’s Schoolteacher Caused A Budget Crisis

Reading Richard Davis’ latest opinion column in the Puget Sound Business Journal is like eating a meal prepared by a blindfolded cook. We begin with a helping of red herring, in which Mr. Davis cites a Heritage Foundation report that

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