Facts about America’s working women

  The National Partnership for Women and Families recently released a “State of the Working Woman” info sheet highlighting important facts about economic life for America’s working women. Keep an eye out — EOI will be releasing the 2010 edition

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Wal-Mart: Save Money, Live Sicker?

By Katie Bethel | If you shop at Wal-Mart, you may be coming home with more than a good deal–you might be exposed to contagious illnesses like colds and the flu. Why? As the New York Times recently reported,

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Is your Senator or Representative a leader on work-family issues?

Halfway through the 111th congressional session, recent headlines have focused almost exclusively on health care reform. But our elected officials have made progress on important work-family legislation as well: The Healthy Families Act (House and Senate) has received overwhelming support.

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Paid sick leave for the worker can benefit all

From the Washington Post By Petula Dvorak The coughing starts in the middle of the night. And while you are watching your child’s poor little body in footed pajamas curl up with every hacking spasm, you are doing the calculations

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Report projects a steep loss of employer-sponsored health insurance ahead as coverage declines again in 2008

Without large-scale health reform, rising unemployment could push the number of uninsured people under 65 to over 50 million by 2010 The health insurance most Americans depend on, employer-sponsored insurance (ESI), has declined every year since 2000, currently leaving 45.7

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Will you “Come on Down!” to What Price is Right?

Tables are filling up fast for What Price is Right? – our very own “showcase showdown” of public policies to improve women’s economic security. If you haven’t RSVP’d, now is your chance to join us for an evening of game

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News and Views: No paid sick leave may hasten spread of H1N1 virus

Swine flu — and no paid sick leave: As the H1N1 swine flu virus starts its second major sweep through the U.S., business owners are bracing for the impact of a worse-than-usual flu season on their workforces. That’s reviving debate

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Government health care? Many already have it.

Reprinted from the Everett Herald: Stevens Hospital in Edmonds — is that government health care? Well, actually it is. Stevens, Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington and Valley General Hospital in Monroe are part of a system of public hospitals throughout

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Paid sick days essential to keep economy rolling and combat H1N1 flu

Investing in technology is essential to building a robust educational infrastructure that can adapt to a crisis like the H1N1 flu virus, but it is really just one piece of the puzzle. After all, even if little Jimmy or Sally

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Designing a Universal Voluntary Retirement Account program

Universal Voluntary Retirement Accounts provide a simple, easy solution to the retirement savings dilemma facing today’s workers. The program offers a convenient way for individuals to save for retirement and enables small businesses to remain competitive by offering a retirement

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