Paid sick days can help heal our families — and our economy

There are millions of working moms like Eva. Unable to find a job and kicked off welfare, she sells her food stamps to buy basic necessities. She is inches from losing her meager living in the middle of the worst

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News and Views: State budget and revenue, economic benefits to higher ed, and lower-income unemployment

Washington state’s budget deficit swells more, but revenue picture improves | Washington’s budget deficit grew to about $2.8 billion, but early signs of an economic recovery are making the state’s financial future a bit brighter. The new deficit figure stems

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News and Views: Saving public colleges, fixing Washington’s budget, and protecting working families

University centers create economic opportunity | As the budget picture worsens, higher education is again a target for policymakers, even as they argue that their top priority is economic recovery. If lawmakers want to grow the economy and revive the

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Recipe for Disaster, or: How Your Kid’s Schoolteacher Caused A Budget Crisis

Reading Richard Davis’ latest opinion column in the Puget Sound Business Journal is like eating a meal prepared by a blindfolded cook. We begin with a helping of red herring, in which Mr. Davis cites a Heritage Foundation report that

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News and Views: Cutting through the rhetoric on state taxes and spending to see the real effect on our economy.

In which Senator Debbie Regala (D-27, Tacoma) takes a clear-eyed look at state taxes and spending over the long haul, and Amy Kinsel (Professor of History at Shoreline Community College) points out the short-sighted irony of cutting funding for the

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Facts about America’s working women

The National Partnership for Women and Families recently released a “State of the Working Woman” info sheet highlighting important facts about economic life for America’s working women. Keep an eye out — EOI will be releasing the 2010 edition of

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Wal-Mart: Save Money, Live Sicker?

By Katie Bethel | If you shop at Wal-Mart, you may be coming home with more than a good deal–you might be exposed to contagious illnesses like colds and the flu. Why? As the New York Times recently reported,

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Would cutting the minimum wage raise employment?

In a word: No. In two words: no again. In the posts linked above, Paul Krugman puts one economic shiv after another in the fallacious reasoning used by many critics of the minimum wage. And you don’t need to speak

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Michelle Obama: Why paid sick days mean more innovation, productivity and health

Michelle Obama on work and family: I’d like to just spend a few brief moments talking about today, an issue that I’ve talked a lot about, and that’s the issue of work-life balance. You know it: the constant struggle to

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Creating Jobs and Boosting Our Economy: An action plan for Washington’s 2010 legislature

Washington State is once again facing a budget crisis. The economic woes of the Great Recession are hitting state revenues hard, with a projected shortfall of $2.6 billion. In upcoming discussions and votes on a 2010-2011 supplemental budget, Washington lawmakers

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