Why do paid sick days matter to you? Let’s hear your story!

handstogether2The Seattle Coalition for a Healthy Workforce is collecting stories about paid sick days, and they want to hear from you. Your contribution will help more people understand why paid sick days are so important in today’s workplace.

It’s easy to do, anonymous (if you want) and will only take a couple of minutes — click here to learn more and get started.

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  1. Linda says:

    I’m retired, so you would think paid sick days would no longer matter to me. But when my married daughter became gravely ill, the fact that her husband could take a paid sick day once in a while to give me relief from the many hours I spent every day at her side made a tremendous difference in my ability to continue to help them both out. Without paid sick leave for both of them, their finances would have been so hard hit that they might have lost everything. I’m so grateful that both their employers gave all of us this support during a difficult time. (She’s now recovered and back at work.)

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