We Associate Racism with the South, but Washington Has It Too.


John Burbank | April 4, 2018

My sister-in-law retired from the Auburn University Library in Alabama this past Friday and we travelled there to celebrate. Despite the beautiful weather, I can tell you is was not “Sweet Home Alabama.” On the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I saw that white racism, mixed with

Now Hiring: Communications Manager, Paid Family and Medical Leave Campaign

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Economic Opportunity Institute | October 19, 2016

Now Hiring! We’re looking for a temporary communications manager to plan and oversee all aspects of communications for the Washington Work and Family Coalition’s upcoming legislative campaign to pass Paid Family and Medical Leave in Washington. Learn more here.

Join us: Impact Investing in the Public Markets with Bennett Freeman

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Economic Opportunity Institute | June 17, 2014

Did you know that organizations and individuals are using their own investments  – whether they be in retirement, stocks, bonds or mutual funds – to make a large-scale, positive sustainability and human rights impact?  Community investing, as it’s called, is a growing focus in Seattle with companies and commu

Breaking: Washington leaps into the 21st century, modernizes tax code and public services

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Maggie Humphreys | April 1, 2014

OLYMPIA | In a shocking twist Tuesday morning, a bipartisan group of legislators announced Washington state would squash its outdated and regressive tax code in favor of a more streamlined and equitable “21st century” solution. The groundbreaking move means that for the first time in recent memory, the state

Good Reads for the Weekend

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Aaron Keating | March 21, 2014

A roundup of some of my favorite recent reads from this week: Marketing The Moon: How NASA Sold Space to Earth | Less a story of “selling” than a rigorous and unvarnished look at how NASA — which was determined to be an “open program” where facts and data would flow freely between the agency and the public –

Join EOI for a community forum with local leaders working on economic inequality

A Fair Deal at Work Check Minimum Wage Paid Sick Days

Economic Opportunity Institute | March 6, 2014

What’s being done here at home to support working families and broaden the middle class? Join EOI on March 26th at 6:30 p.m. in Seattle to hear about local solutions to economic inequality from the leaders championing them. We’ll be joined by Washington State Representative Jessyn Farrell to discuss her work

Nancy Pelosi and Lilly Ledbetter want to talk

A Fair Deal at Work Check Equal Pay Paid Family and Medical Leave Paid Sick Days

Economic Opportunity Institute | January 27, 2014

In November, we gathered nearly 300 women and families in Seattle to hear from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, local members of Congress and local advocates on strengthening women’s economic security. On January 29th, the Economic Opportunity Institute, our allies, and champions in Congress invite you t

Low-Wage Workers Deserve a Higher State Minimum

A Fair Deal at Work Check Minimum Wage

John Burbank | January 17, 2014

In Tuesday’s State of the State address, Gov. Jay Inslee called for a minimum wage increase in the range of $1.50 to $2.50. It is about time. Our minimum wage has steadily fallen away from its high point in 1968. That was 35 years ago. And yet, worker productivity has almost doubled since then. Up until 1968,

Pay It Forward critics missing tackles in rush to grab the ball

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Economic Opportunity Institute | November 14, 2013

Almost a half-year since its announcement, Oregon’s Pay-It-Forward initiative has few allies. In fact, almost every education organization concerned with college affordability and access has denounced the plan. In addition, Education Trust Director Kati Haycock recently wrote an editorial criticizing the desi

Washington minimum wage increasing in January – but is it enough?

A Fair Deal at Work Check Minimum Wage

Economic Opportunity Institute | October 14, 2013

Next January, Washington’s minimum wage will adjust for inflation with a 13-cent increase to $9.32 per hour. But is that enough? The change is the result of Initiative 688, approved by voter in 1998. I-688 increased the state’s minimum wage in two steps, then tied future increases to inflation, as measured by

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