Everybody’s burden: The true cost of student loan debt and default – a news round-up

A harsh reality for many recent college grads: Loan repayment dates are looming as summer winds down. If current trends hold, one in eight students will default on their loans. The default rate has tripled over the last decade and

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When opportunity knocks, college debt shuts the door. Let’s change that.

The New York Fed recently released new data on national student debt, painting a bleak picture of the future for middle class students and their families: the total amount of student debt has grown to $902 million – and average

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Like band-aids for a head wound: Lower interest rates on college loans are better than nothing, but not by much

Congress is debating how to keep low interest rates for college loans available – but why are all those loans necessary in the first place? Not so long ago, higher education wasn’t just a way to train future scientists, entrepreneurs,

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